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GW0742 Review – A Value For Money Weight Supplement

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The demand for a supplement that burns fat is increasing day by day. Athletes use such supplements to improve their performance.

A strict diet and heavy workouts can sometimes be time-consuming and energy draining.

Therefore, what would be better than a supplement that increases the fat-burning and muscle-building process? The drug GW0742 has the same function, to burn fat and promote muscle mass building along with providing tremendous energy.

Its additional benefits are also to lower the cholesterol level, help with diabetes and decreased gut inflammation etc.

That doesn’t mean it has no side effects or won’t cause any harm to your health. To know about the results, detailed benefits, and side effects, give a full read to the article.

What Is GW0742?

The GW0742 belongs to a class of PPAR delta agonists. Its primary function is to burn fat and turn it into a vast energy source and also to increase the oxidative capacity of muscles.

The supplement gives you energy and, as a result, improves your athletic performance.


If you are someone looking for a drug to help boost your fat loss process and also solve some of your other health issues, then GW0742 will prove to be your best friend!

The medicine reverses the transport of cholesterol and gets into the gastrointestinal tract, which removes it with faeces.

Besides, it also calms down the gut inflammation, which eventually leads to relief from its symptoms like acne, fatigue, severe constipation etc.

Moreover, the drug also helps with diabetes, and it does so by helping with glucose levels which eventually leads to controlled diabetes.

It is also impactful when it comes to treating hypertension and even other fatal problems because hypertension results in strokes and heart diseases.

The drug mainly works on diet-induced obesity resulting in high blood pressure.


Let’s have a look at the benefits of GW0742.

Lowers Cholesterol

A study was performed on rats which showed results that GW0742 could reverse the transport of cholesterol.

The cholesterol gets accumulated in the gastrointestinal tract and removed with the faeces.

Lipid Profile Improvement

Even if the GW0742 is taken in small amounts, it improves the lipid metabolism in the heart. This way, your body will handle lipids better as it can now take triglycerides much better.

The more lipid is burnt, the more energy is produced. This way, your energy will automatically increase, and you’ll be able to do more intense workouts.

Decreases The Inflammation In Guts

People suffering from inflammation understand how annoying gut inflammation is. You eventually start to face the problem of low blood sugar, fatigue, severe constipation, acne and nausea.

In that case, GW0742 will be helpful to you. It will solve all the gut-related issues and even help with its symptoms.

It can work as an anti-diabetic drug

Undoubtedly diabetes itself is a threatening disease but what is even more unpleasant is diabetes leads one to even more severe problems.

GW0742 can act as an anti-diabetic drug in future, and it was concluded after a study that was conducted on rats. The drug can reverse the decreasing glucose levels in the body, which helps with diabetes.

Helpful for hypertension

Everyone knows about the skyrocketed cases of hypertension that are increasing day by day. More than half a million deaths in the US had hypertension as a primary cause.

That’s great because high blood pressure increases the chances of stroke or fatal heart diseases.

GWO742 can prevent hypertension that is caused explicitly due to diet-induced obesity. And this was deducted from a study done on rats.

The GW0742 preventing hypertension due to obesity can be good news because obesity directly relates to high blood pressure.

Recommended Dosage

As GW0742 is not much researched; therefore, there are no clinical proofs for its dosage. When it was tested on rats, their dosage was 5 to 30 mg per kg of their weight.

But speaking in general, if you want to know about its dose, it would be better to follow the exact amount that you do for Cardarine because they both are almost the same compound.

You should not consume it for longer than eight weeks and have a 10 mg dose every day.

Side effects

Although the drug has many benefits, which make it convincing, its downsides are also. It would be best if you also realized that no human testing had been done. That’s why we still don’t know all the possible side effects.

There is a side effect of GW0742, which makes it a little unwanted. It increases the size of the heart, which is health threatening. The heart’s size increases because of activating a compound called “calcineurin”.

If you think it will take weeks for your heart to increase its size or only high dosages can cause this side effect, then you might be wrong.

It is because when experimented on mice, their heart got bigger after 24 hours of the intake.

Although, Cardiomegaly (enlargement of the heart) is the only side effect of GW0742 as per reports now. But this reason is itself so dangerous that everybody would want to say no to it.

Additionally, no experiment on humans is done; we cannot determine if it will react the same way in humans that it did in mice.

Is It Worth Checking Out?

The drug GW0742 improves and enhances fat loss and gives you a structured and muscular body. It has many benefits, such as helping with hypertension, diabetes, inflammation in the gut, and lowering the cholesterol level.

Therefore, the regular use of the medicine along with providing you with your dream body will give you other side benefits too.

Having all these fantastic benefits does not make it any harmless. It still has side effects, the most prominent of which is increasing the size of the heart. It can occur even with a bit dosage of GW0742 and is highly fatal.

Speaking of dosage, the rats were given the dosage according to their weight, and that is so for humans too. But one should not exceed the dose of more than 10 mg per day.

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