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HMG Review 2022 – Is It Worth checking Out?

HMG Review 2022 1

Going through infertility is a difficult phase in the life of a female who wants to be a mother. Infertility can also lead to mental problems like depression and anxiety.

Therefore, a person should try to cure it on time so as not to face many problems. There are many reasons behind the infertility of both males and females.

Sometimes the reason is improper growth or no growth of egg which has many factors like improper functioning of hormones or lack of hormones.

If that is the case, then HMG is there to help. HMG promotes the growth of a regular egg in the ovary and increases the chances of normal pregnancy. 

It is used to treat male infertility as well and also used in assisted reproduction.

What Is HMG?

HMG, a complete form of human menopausal gonadotropin, is a medication that is supposed to be injected during the control of ovarian stimulation in AI and IVF treatments.

The primary and active ingredient in it is taken from women in menopause. The gonadotropin is obtained by purification of urine.

There are two types of gonadotropins FSH (stimulating follicle hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone). Their action is equal to the act of stimulating follicle hormone released by the pituitary gland.


If the cause of your infertility is unhealthy growth of the egg or ovum, then after you use an HMG injection, it will promote the healthy development of the egg, and you will conceive easily.

Moreover, HMG can also give positive results to male infertility because of impaired functioning of the testicle. After consuming it, healthy and fertile sperms will be made, which will aid in a normal pregnancy.

Another use of HMG has assisted reproduction, like in vitro fertilization, where the egg and sperm are fertilized outside the body. To make it successful, various artificial hormones are required, and HMG is one of them.


HMG is an effective medicine used to treat female infertility.

Besides, it is also effective for:

  1. Treatment of Oligomenorrhea
  2. Treatment of primary/secondary oligomenorrhea
  3. For the treatment, if anovulation (absence of ovulation in one’s body)
  4. The stimulation and treatment of follicular development when having severe deficiency of FSH and LH.
  5. Also helps in stimulating the development of multiple follicles in the process of IVF.

It also treats male infertility if the cause is impaired pituitary hormone secretion or improper functioning of the testicle, i.e. lack of response.

The possible conditions that may happen due to pituitary causes are azoospermia, oligospermia, asthenozoospermia, and oligoasthenozoospermia. 

HMG also assists in various reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization. It is used along with other hormonal preparations for conception.

Recommended Dosage

The dose that your doctor prescribes you is the best when it comes to medicine. A dose should always be individualized because every person has a different case of a problem with a different health history.

HMG dose differs from person to person because many factors help determine the proper dosage. Age, BMI and severity of the case are some of the elements.

Unfortunately, there is not any generalized dosage for HMG yet. That’s why you should follow the dose that your doctor prescribes explicitly for you to have better results.

Side effects

The HMG has the following side effects on human health:

  1. Pain in abdomen
  2. Headache
  3. Pain in pelvis
  4. Redness and pain at the site of injection
  5. Breast tenderness
  6. Dizziness

Every medicine has benefits and side effects. When a doctor prescribes you a treatment, he does it by judging that the drug will have a more positive impact on you. Interestingly many people don’t face many side effects.

But there are still chances of more dangerous side effects caused, like the HMG may also cause OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation Syndrome); it can occur during or even after the treatment.

The severe OHSS causes water to build up in your stomach, heart and chest area, which can be fatal. If you see its symptoms, talk to your doctor immediately to stop the medicine.

Another side effect of consuming HMG has multiple pregnancies at a time. It occurs in AI (artificial insemination), which is possible in 12-30% of cases.

It is even more frequent in young females with five ovarian follicles that are larger than 16 mm and are inseminated with almost 30 million spermatozoa.

But in IVF, if two embryos are transferred in a cycle, the chance of having twins increases by 6%. Similarly, in processes where three embryos have transferred, the possibility of having twins rises by 12%, and that of triplets rises by 3%.

Some people may also experience allergic reactions having symptoms of itching, rash, swelling of facial muscles, tongue or throat. In some people, thrombophlebitis may also occur, which is rare.

There are some conditions in which you must avoid using HMG, which include: pregnancy or breastfeeding, adrenal or thyroid dysfunction,  a tumour like a pituitary tumour, bleeding in the uterus, infertility because of the non-evident cause or ovarian cysts.

Also, if you experience any the emergencies like trouble speaking, painful or swelled up calf muscles, vaginal bleeding, difficulty in breathing or seeing,

The side effects listed are not its complete list, and there can be more side effects that users can face when consuming HMG.

Is It Worth Checking Out?

HMG is known to solve infertility problems in males and females. If the egg does not develop healthily in a female, it promotes healthy production and growth.

Likewise, if the testicles do not respond or there is an absence of certain hormones in males, it helps with it.

It can also help provide suitable conditions and environment in laboratory reproduction so that the process is smoothly done and results in a healthy pregnancy.

Although there is no generalized dose for HMG, your doctor will prescribe a dosage according to your need.

Like every other medicine, HMG also has side effects Commonly, headache and abdominal pain etc. But it has severe side effects also, which include OHSS or the formation of multiple babies.

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