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Gym enthusiasts and athletes are always curious to know about better and updated SARMs in the market, which can help them improve their performance.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about a SARM that is known by the name “RAD 150”. It is a new compound similar to a SARM known as RAD 140. RAD 150 promises a better outcome and results than RAD 140.

RAD 150 is an advanced form of RAD 140 means it has better performance than RAD 140; therefore, if you are someone who uses RAD 140, think of switching to RAD 150 for better response.

What is the RAD 150?

RAD 150 is produced by adding an ester to the compound RAD 140; the process is called esterification.

This way, the stability and strength of the compound RAD 140 increases and provides you with better and more promising results.

Its primary function is to increase muscle mass and fat loss and give you insane strength to perform well.


After intaking RAD 150, you will notice that the process of fat burning in your body has increased, which eventually results in increased muscle mass.

An increased muscle mass means you will have incredible strength and can work out for hours in the gym without getting tired.

It will also help improve your performance in every field of life because of the significant amount of strength you will have.

One more thing that gym enthusiasts worry about is the long recovery time that their body needs after an intense workout, but if you consume RAD 150, you can quickly decrease your recovery time. 


We will discuss some of the benefits of RAD 150 in a bit detail.

Quick Recovery

Although, it is not recommended to use yet because of the less scientific information we gave about it. But according to the views of users, their recovery time decreased after intense workout sessions by using RAD 150.

It is perfect for men who are above 40 because, at that age, muscle regeneration slows down, which means an increased recovery time takes place.

Increased Fat Loss

Almost all of the SARMs have a similarity in their function, which is increasing the rate of metabolism in the body.

An increased metabolism would mean fast burning of fat. But using the supplement will not work until you have a proper calorie intake and workout.

Increase In Muscle Mass

Another benefit of RAD 150 is that it promotes the activation of androgen receptors and thus causes an increase in muscle mass.

As a result, the androgen receptor also allows testosterone to affect the body and cause muscle hypertrophy.

Increase In Strength

An increase in muscle mass means increased strength because they are significantly linked. But the RAD 150 won’t help until you follow a proper diet and exercise.

Just like RAD 140 gives is famous for providing great strength and increased performance in the gym, the RAD 150 works even more effectively in this case.

High Endurance

The increased metabolism, fat loss, muscle mass building and increased strength altogether contribute to high endurance.

You start feeling more energetic with all the workouts, which will allow you to work out for long hours and more intensely.

Recommended Dosage

Once again, repeating the fact that RAD 150 is not approved by FDA; therefore, it is not safe for human use. But people still use it to take advantage, and this is their view that RAD 150 feels quite strong in their body.

That’s why there is no need to take a high dosage to see the results because even a low dose works fine and gives noticeable results.

Anyone who is aiming to start consuming RAD 150 should begin with the lowest dose of 5 mg per day. Still, if you feel like you are not getting any results, you can increase the mg to 10 mg daily, which is also a standard mg.

Like other SARMs, people also use RAD 150 for eight weeks. Two months of using the RAD 150 SARM lets you use the SARM with full benefits and least side effects.

Side Effects

As RAD 150 is similar to RAD 140, you might think that RAD 150, a better version of RAD 140, will give more benefits with lesser harm or side effects.

But your view might change after reading the side effects of RAD 150.

Hair Shedding

If we look at the side effects of rad 140, we won’t find hair shedding as a side effect because it is not so harsh on hair.

But it is an anecdotal report that when you use RAD 150, you start losing a lot of your hair. But the good news is that it is temporary, and the Hair grows back after you stop using it.

High Blood Pressure

Another side effect of RAD 150 you will face is increased blood pressure within weeks. If you are someone who already has hypertension or is sensitive to such supplements, it would be better if you stay away from it to avoid further complications.

Increased Anger

Some people find anger a good thing in workouts and bodybuilding, but the outcomes can also affect the people surrounding you.

It is also more about self-control, how you consume your anger, and where you take it out. Comparatively, with RAD 150, you feel more aggressive than with RAD 140. Therefore, be prepared for the snappy mood, if not all the time, then at least most of the time. 

Is It Worth Checking Out?

As we already said, RAD 150 is almost similar to RAD 140; the only difference is that RAD 150 has more and better features and benefits. RAD 150 is made by the process of esterification in RAD 140.

It helps you in many ways by helping you lose fat and increase your muscle mass along with increased endurance and strength. But the side effects also to be considered are hair shedding, high bp and an increase in anger.

Because RAD 150 is a potent compound, even a tiny intake of mg, i.e. 5-10 mg, will work fine for your body.

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