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SARM S4 (Andarine) Review – Dosage, Side Effects, Bulk or Cut?

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Every athlete’s dream is to perform better and be the best in their game. To achieve that purpose, they follow a strict diet and a scheduled workout.

But sometimes, you do not get the desired results even with a challenging workout and practice. And sometimes, you can also face a situation where you want to perform your best, but you have less time for training.

Therefore, there arises a need for a drug or supplement that helps you in achieving in less time. S4 Andarine is one of the SARM that helps you lose fat quickly and also helps in building muscle mass along with great strength.

But before consuming it, you must know about its side effects and dosage that we have shared in our article so that you can decide whether to take it or skip it. Give a read to the article to know essential things about S4.

What is this Andarine ?

Andarine belongs to a part of a class of drugs called SARMs, having the complete form of selective androgen receptor modulators.

The supplement is used for better athletic performance because it is one of the most effective SARMs for fat loss and has visible and quick results.

Since the FDA has not approved it, it is not legal and safe for human use.


Primarily, after you consume the S4 Andarine, you’ll notice many changes in your body. The first change would be increased fat loss and better body structure.

Further, the energy from the fat loss is used in the daily activities you perform and also gives you relief from mental and physical fatigue.

Another thing that this drug does to your body is that it promotes protein synthesis, which is quite helpful for muscle nutrition. And because of the better athletic performance, you’ll experience a fast metabolism which results in fat burning.

Moreover, you will get fewer injuries during your performance because the drug protects against ligament, bones or muscle injuries, and you will also experience a better focusing power.


The S4 Andarine is specifically used for improving athletic performance, which means it acts as a booster for losing fat and also rebuilds muscle and body structure.

It targets the fat in the body, and therefore you can see precise and quick results of it in the body.

Meanwhile, the body fat ose by consuming the product does not go to waste and is used for daily activities like working, working out, training, playing or any other activity.

Furthermore, it relieves any physical or mental fatigue caused by intense work. It also promotes the synthesis of proteins which results in promoting muscle nutrition.

Better muscle nutrition means better athletic performance, resulting in fast metabolism and thermogenesis, which burns the fat.

The S4 andarine also helps increase bone density and protects against muscle, bone or ligament injuries.

Interestingly, it also promotes better vascularity in the whole body and increases your concentration ability.

Recommended Dosage

As we said earlier, S4 Andarine is a SARM which is not yet approved by FDA and should be only used for medical purposes after a prescription.

Even if a doctor prescribes it, there should be medical monitoring from time to time to check how it works on the body and if it causes any severe harm.

Because the majority of people are using it as an athletic supplement, therefore the dosage might not be precise because we have no clinical evidence for it.

The dosage that you will see is the proposal of S4 users, which indeed does not have enough information or explanation.

But some factors should be considered before using S4 Andarine.

  1. The age of the person
  2. The weight of the person
  3. The height of the person
  4. The general state of health of the person

Here is a list of dosages based on users’ reviews:

  • The dosage for beginners is 0-25 mg daily
  • The dosage for intermediate-level bodybuilders is 50 mg daily
  • The dosage for professional bodybuilders is 100 mg daily

A little point to remember is that the dose of S4 should not exceed more than 80-100 mg in one day; else, it will cause life-threatening issues.

Side effects

As mentioned earlier, S4 Andarine is not approved. That’s why it can harm you, especially if consumed for a long time to boost athletic performance.

Also, it would be best if you did not take it without a proper prescription because it is still under investigation and has not been thoroughly researched yet.

Due to a lack of information about it, its strength is not yet evident, nor do we know how it would interact with other substances.

Moreover, the information about the side effects of S4 Andarine is unofficial, but there are some reviews that people have shared after using S4 Andarine.

When orally consumed, it damages the liver, and even stroke and heart attack can occur in some people.

Although, because of the insufficient information about andarine, everyone should stay away from it, people with the following conditions must avoid it.

  • Breastfeeding or expecting female
  • People experiencing eating disorders
  • People going through cancer
  • People who have hormonal disorders
  • People going through mental illness
  • Children
  • People having a severe medical history
  • People who have an autoimmune disease
  • Anyone who is going through chemotherapy
  • People who recently had or are going to have a surgery
  • People who are already taking some other medication

Is It Worth Checking Out?

Like every other SARM, S4 Andarine also helps lose fat and build strength quickly. It also promotes thermogenesis due to fast metabolism, which in turn helps you to perform better on the ground.

Similarly, it relieves mental or physical fatigue to concentrate better on your work. Having benefits does not mean S4 has no side effects. The side effects can be fatal if the consumption is not stopped at the right time.

Lastly, the dosage differs from person to person, starting from 5 mg to 100 mg. Remember that a high dosage, I.e. a dose of 100 mg, can cause severe problems that’s why avoid opting for such a high dose.

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