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Yohimbine HCL 2.5MG Review – An Everyday SARM To Boost Performance

Yohimbine HCL 2 5MG Review 1

There are many medicines out there in markets that are sold in the name of treating erectile dysfunction. But not all of them are useful, and most barely work.

But a medicine by the name of Yohimbine obtained from trees in Africa has been used for years in Africa to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction.

The Yohimbine works effectively as it is tried and tested. It helps with erectile dysfunction; it also improves sexual performance and helps in losing fat, builds body structure and even acts as an antidepressant.

We also have discussed its side effects, which you must know before using it. Besides its recommended dosage, benefits and results are also mentioned in the article.

What is Yohimbine?

The Yohimbine medicine is a popular drug composed of the bark of an African evergreen tree called “Pausinystalia johimbe”.

Its primary function is to treat erectile dysfunction; it is also popular among bodybuilders for fat loss.


As discussed, Yohimbine is a herbal treatment because it is derived from a tree whose function is specified to treat erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, after using it, you will see the results. You will also experience better sexual performance because Yohimbine dilates your blood vessels and lets the blood reach the sexual organs.

Moreover, the process of fat loss will also fasten in your body as it promotes lipolysis and also blocks the fat cell receptors, due to which there is no accumulation of fat.

When the fat in your body is reduced, it automatically results in a better body structure.


Generally, Yohimbine medicine is used to improve sexual performance and treat erectile dysfunction. It works by blocking the receptors that prevent erections.

Similarly, Yohimbine also helps in the release of nitric oxide, which in turn promotes dilation of blood vessels resulting in better flow of blood to sexual organs.

As yohimbine is the main ingredient in Yohimbe drug, it can prove to be quite effective in treating erectile dysfunction, for which there is evidence.

Another benefit of Yohimbine is that it helps with improved body structure and weight or fat loss.

It increases the process of lipolysis (breakdown of fats), and it happens when the release of norepinephrine is readily available to fat cells.

There it blocks the receptors in fat cells, thus reducing fat accumulation.

When talking about the effectiveness of yohimbine for weight loss, the reviews are mixed. According to a controlled study, 43 mg of yohimbine daily did nothing to body weight or fat.


Another exciting use of Yohimbine in the treatment of depression. It is a herbal medicine to treat depression as it blocks the monoamine oxidase enzyme.

But the concerning point is that it starts working as an antidepressant only when it is taken in 50+ mg daily, which is a relatively high dose and can harm health.

Recommended Dosage

The weight of a person determines the dosage of Yohimbine; for example, a dose of 0.2 mg per kg of weight is effective in increasing the fat-burning process.

It does not cause significant problems like high heart rate or blood pressure.

Following are the dosages:

  1. 14 mg of dose for a person with a body weight of 150lb
  2. 18 mg of quantity for a person with a body weight of 200lb
  3. 22 mg of amount for a person with a body weight of 250lb

The supplement works the best when you take it during a short-term fast or between meals.

Before you start with any dosage of yohimbine, you should be careful if you have a higher body weight because it is not necessary for your cardiovascular system to be prepared for medicine like yohimbine.

Therefore, always start with a half dose of yohimbine and see how your body reacts to it.

Another reason for starting yohimbine with a lower dose is also that the actual amount of yohimbine is not listed on the majority of packages. Therefore to prevent overdosing, begin with a low dose.

Also, if you use yohimbine with another stimulatory agent medicine, take a half dose of both supplements to prevent them from reacting negatively.

Side Effects

Intake of yohimbine can lead to several health consequences; the most ordinary is gastrointestinal distress and high blood pressure.

Likewise, some people also reported experiencing rapid heart rate along with anxiety.

The list of side effects does not stop here, as the consumption of Yohimbine may also threaten your life by causing a heart attack, acute kidney injury or even seizure.

It would be best if you remembered that Yohimbine is not certified and therefore banned in countries like Australia, the UK, and Canada.

Moreover, the reason behind banning Yohimbine is you might not be getting the product as described on the label.

Most companies selling medicine in the name of yohimbine do not even mention the percentage of yohimbine in the supplement.

It can lead you to overdosing easily, and even the other compounds added to yohimbine can cause health problems.

An example would be that 40 mg of yohimbine daily can cause threatening changes in blood pressure, paralysis, hallucinations, liver, kidney and even heart problems.

Therefore, consider the side effects and the benefits and use the medicine at your own risk.

Is It Worth Checking Out?

Yohimbine is a herbal supplement derived from the bark of trees In Africa, which is said to help with erectile dysfunction, improve sexual performance and aid in weight loss and body structure.

Another function of Yohimbine detected is that it works as an antidepressant by blocking the monoamine oxidase enzyme. But that only works after 50+ mg.

Likewise, the dose of this medicine depends on a person’s weight; for example, 0.2 mg per kg of weight aids in weight loss. An important thing regarding dosage is to start with a low dose so that your body quickly adapts to it.

Yohimbine also has side effects that include gastrointestinal distress, high bp, increased heart rate and even some severe side effects, including kidney injury or seizure and heart attack.

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