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SARM YK-11 Review – Don’t Buy Before Reading This Review

SARM YK 11 Review 1

Are you looking to transform your body but lack the motivation to do it or spend a ton of cash on programs and supplements?

It’s not that easy for everyone to gain muscle – it can require a lot of time in the gym and proper nutrition, along with a good attitude.

There are ways for people to increase their muscle mass like building up self-confidence; it works best when you go into weight training without any negative thoughts, as they will only get in the way.

Fortunately, with the help of a myostatin inhibitor like YK-11, you flood your body with follistatin, an agent that inhibits expression of myostatin.

As a result, you attain more muscle mass even in the face of your own genetic limitations.

Today, we’ll look at a real user reviews of YK11. We’re going to rely on anecdotal user opinions so that we can determine how effective this product might be.

What is the SARM YK-11?

This selective androgen receptor modulator (SARMs) is considered to be among the most powerful on the market. Functionally, it regulates muscle mass.

What makes YK11 unique is that it also inhibits Myostatin – which in turn contributes significantly to its high effectiveness as a steroidal myotrophic agent.

SARMs like YK-11 are very easy to use, you take them the same way you would take protein supplements; 1mg or 2g daily. You don’t have to inject them, and they are very easy on your liver.

If you try taking steroids and cutting with a caloric deficit that is higher than 200-250Kcals/day for males and 150-200 Kcals/day for females your body will eat itself up as it’s in survival mode, this means less nutrients can enter the muscle cells which results in no muscle growth!

SARMs, on the other hand, done in conjunction with a low calorie diet do not bind to muscle tissue but bind with the androgen receptors instead, aiding in burning more fat instead of building muscle.

Furthermore, YK-11 is also a myostatin inhibitor. Apparently, this is the reason that it’s been so popular lately among performance enhancing athletes. Let’s take a closer look at what this means and how this helps to improve upon one’s performance.

YK-11 Results:

Now we will take a look at the average results of proper use case scenarios for this compound in some greater detail.

Its potential results are;

Increased Muscle Mass

There are many supplements out on the market for building muscles, but YK11 is unlike anything else you’ll find. One of the reasons that it works so well is because it binds to a specific receptor and influences growth factor naturally produced within your body (Follistatin).

That said, it helps your body to promote muscle gain and prevent muscle loss when you’re trying to put on lean mass during bulking cycles, making it the perfect SARM for anyone who’s looking for fast results!

Strengthened Bones

​In our latest tests, we have seen that YK11 activates levels of activated PKB (Protein Kinase B) in the body. PKB is responsible for bone cell growth – a process necessary to stimulate bone health and reduce bone fragility in men as they age.

Increased Strength

Increased strength is just one of many things which people who take YK11 find that they experience after using this product.

Users frequently report incredible gains in muscle mass and size, sometimes gaining up to 20 lbs of weight on their frame during a cycle.

Also, users commonly experience increased endurance both in the gym and in their everyday lives outside of constant fatigue and soreness.

YK-11 Benefits:

People of all shapes and sizes have heavily complimented the YK-11 SARMs for its ability to help them build muscle mass, whether that’s by adding an extra few pounds or a lot more.

When using the YK11 SARMs, gains in muscle mass become much easier to accomplish, allowing users to reap the many rewards, muscle growth can bring including an increased sense of confidence, enhanced stamina during physical activity, improved organ function and lower risk of heart-related disease, not to mention making you feel fit too!

People have reported a gain of size in as little as six weeks! That shouldn’t be too surprising when it comes to results. There is still a lot of debate on whether the workouts are effective especially in achieving the sort of transformation that’s widely reported by users.


It is recommended that the dosage of YK-11 should be around 10-15mg in two divided doses, but it is yet to be known accurately as there have been no human trials on YK11.

People who like to build muscle often use YK-11 in a 5-30mg dose over the course of a 4-8 week cycle. Women generally take 0.5-2mg per day as a form of supplemental intervention though some women prefer to inject themselves with it (as it is an anabolic agent).

Potential Side Effects:

People who took YK11 reported that they were incredibly strong and had gained a lot of muscle, but there were also some side effects:

  • Hair loss (Many people who reported this said that their hair came back in a few weeks’ time, giving them the impression that they were stressed during the cycle).
  • Most people feel a sense of relief after the cycle is over and notice that their skin clears. Later, they realize that their body was responding strongly to stress.
  • Increased aggression
  • It’s important to remember that the majority of anabolic steroids suppress natural testosterone production. This is because they are, after all, derivatives of the male hormone testosterone. Due to this, it will have a negative effect on libido and probably create erectile dysfunction as well, if not immediately then progressing into that pattern if so you decide to continue supplementing with oral anabolic steroids.

Lastly, YK-11 does not cause liver damage even at the 30mg dosage. After that, it may be toxic to the body when consumed and can cause unnecessary damage to the liver or other organs.

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