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SARM S-23 Unbiased Review (July 2022) – Don’t Buy Before Reading

SARM S 23 Review 1

The craze of gymming and bodybuilding in today’s generation is quite noticeable. But behind that perfect muscular body lies hundreds and thousands of hours working out intensely.

Therefore, it is not easy to achieve that body, and many people even quit it because of the hard work it requires. The common problems that they face are getting tired and prolonged recovery time.

That’s why there should be a medicine that decreases the efforts a little bit and gives you results quickly. In that case, S-23 is what you need as it meets all of your gym-related desires.

Interestingly, S-23 mimics the testosterone responsible for regulating sex drive, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength etc. Therefore, by taking this medicine, your recovery, muscle mass and strength will increase.

What Is S-23?

S-23 is a medicine which is chemical in nature and also called an androgen receptor modulator having the short form of “SARM”. What it does in the body is that it mimics a well-known hormone in our body called “testosterone”.


One of the results of taking S-23 is experiencing infertility in men. But the good news is that this effect of S-23 does not stay much longer and is temporary.

Besides, a gain in muscle mass of 15 to 20 pounds is ensured by s-23 in only one eight-week cycle. Likewise, The increase in muscle mass means improvement in strength too.

The increased gym time will also feel quite pleasant because of the less recovery time; this way, you will quickly break your previous records.

Furthermore, you will be amazed to see around 5% of your body fat lost in two months with your exercise and diet.


Although the S-23 isn’t researched entirely and is still being researched, it still holds the following benefits:

  1. Speedy recovery
  2. Increase in muscle mass
  3. Helps in losing fat
  4. Increase in body’s strength

Let’s have a look at each benefit in a bit of detail.

Speedy Recovery

The general recovery time for your body after an intense gym session is almost 72 hours, but with the S-23, the time gets lesser, and recovery time reduces to one day.

Due to this benefit, you will be able to work out intensely more frequently, automatically resulting in better results.

Increase In Muscle Mass

An increase in muscle mass is the primary reason for consuming S-23. It helps you increase muscle mass and is nearly comparable to steroids.

Due to this point, some people even call it a hybrid between SARM and steroids. Because of the compound’s intensity, we won’t recommend it to beginners.

Furthermore, it would be best if you kept in mind that training and nutrition are the crucial parts of muscle gain, and without them, S-23 won’t do anything.

Helps In Losing Fat

An exciting feature of s-23 is that it lets you gain muscle mass and lose fat side by side. You can lose fat even when you are on a small caloric meal.

Also, some people reported that they get better pumps in the gym that eventually make them look more vascular.

Increase In Body’s Strength

As you increase muscle mass and lose fat, you gain strength. Comparatively, the strength gain with s 23 and a normal steroid cycle differ.

With s 23, the gain is insane, and you get stronger every week, breaking your records.

Some people might be unable to keep the strength gained, but with proper training and diet, you can surely keep it.

Recommended Dosage

The appropriate dosage for s-23 is 5 mg to 15 mg daily, depending on your need and health. You can also split it into two halves and take half in the morning and the other in the evening.

Side Effects

The medicine S-23 isn’t all gold and glitters, which means that it has some severe side effects that you must be aware of.

Increase In Aggression

Like when you take steroids, you feel increased anger and aggression after consuming the S-23.

Obviously, the increased aggression will affect the people around you and make them not want you.

Therefore the only way to control it is to know that your body is overreacting to minor problems and that you need to stay calm.

Suppression Of Testosterone Hormone

We already talked about how the S-23 disturbs the normal testosterone levels in your body. Generally, most SARMs do that, but S-23 precisely does it more than other SARMs.

This feature of S-23 makes it clear how potent the compound is, and due to that, after leaving it, your body needs quite a lot of time to get back to its normal cycle.

Hair Loss

The majority of SARMs cause hair loss after their intake, but because the S-23 is more potent than other SARMs therefore, it can quickly make you lose all your hair if not taken carefully.

One thing that can help you is using RU-58841 while consuming S-23 because it strengthens your hair follicles and prevents hair loss.

Increased Night Sweats

Another side effect of S-23 is that it dehydrates you at night during your sleep. That’s why it is essential to keep water by your side; else, it can also cause headaches and cramps.

The reason behind increased night sweats is that S-23 increases the metabolism in the body, which results in thermogenesis. (Heat production)

You can lower your dosage if the sweating gets severe.

Is It Worth Checking Out?

Along with a workout and a healthy diet, a bodybuilder also needs medicinal support for better results and for that, S-23 is helpful.

The S-23 helps in increasing muscle mass and strength, speeds up the recovery process and also helps in losing fat. But it is not all hold and glitters because the side effects are also considerable.

It is because it sheds your hair, suppresses the testosterone hormone, and increases night sweats and aggression. If at any time you feel like it is causing you more harm than benefit, then stop consuming the medicine as it would be better for you.

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