Peptides 101

Peptides Storage

peptides storage1

Once the peptides have been mixed with bac water,  they must be refridgerated at a temperature of between 2-8c.

They will remain potent for around 8 weeks before beginning to degrade. It is important to note that degradation rates can vary among different peptides

If you want to make sure or to keep and extend period, you can  draw up the peptides into a number of syringes, where each syringe contains a single dose. They then freeze all the syringes and simply defrost one prior to actual use.

For  (freeze-dried) Peptides

 The peptides will remain stable for around 30 days at room temperature. If there not going to be used within this time then they must be stored in a freezer at a temperature of around -20c where they will remain stable for approximately 48 months.

For Your Information

All our peptides are stored at below -20c until the day of dispatch.